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Located in Portland Oregon USA. We are not what I would consider your average breeding kennel. We take pride in the fact that every one of our miniature bull terriers are in our home on our couch and half the time under our covers. They are a part of our family. We believe that a miniature bull terrier puppy should be well socialized with not just people but other dogs as well. Therefore not only do we breed them but also obedience train and show them. The name TNT stands for Tyler and Tanner my two sons who play are a major role in taking care of them. We are very careful with our breeding program and do everything possible to make sure that we are producing not just beautiful quality puppies, but ones that will live a long healthy life.

If you have any questions please feel free to call. I know that the miniature bull terriers attract many people with all of the advertising and commercials however they are not a breed for everyone. I have been involved with many breeds and have to say that this breed is sometimes the most challenging and definitely the most rewarding at the same time. A miniature bull terrier is like a three year old child. Sometimes you laugh at their clownish ways, sometimes you scorn at their outward stubornness but they steal your heart away. 

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Lastest Wins
TNT's Tela's Gunner Style Scout Brau

10/24/2015 W/BW/OS
Judge Dr. Alvin W Krause
12/05/2015 W/OS/BOBOH
Judge Mrs. Gloria L Geringer
Albany final results coming soon
Winners Bitch

TNT's Tequila's Gunner Style 
Bunny Ale

1/22/2016 W/BW
Judge Mr Robert Paust
​Albany final results coming soon
Winners Bitch 3 days
Best of Winners
Puppy Group 3

TNT's Shoot Me Down I am 
Titanium Vodka

3/28/2015 SEL
Judge Mrs Anne Katona
3/28/2015 SEL
Judge Ms Gay H Dunlap
6/20/2015 SEL
Judge Mr. Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
6/26/2015 Best of Breed
Judge Wyoma M Clouss
6/27/2015 Best of Breed
Judge Ms. Dorthy B Taylor
6/28/2015 Best of Breed
Judge Mr. John P Wade

Colorado Best of Breed

IABCA Honors Champion

TNT's Sala's Absolut Jungle 
Inferno Ash

​6/21/2015 Winners Dog
Judge Mrs. Gayle Denman

​IABCA Honors Champion

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